Top 10 reasons to attend the Woodward Dream Cruise

Author Robert Genat gives us ten reasons to be at the Dream Cruise

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DETROIT - Robert Genat is the author of over 30+ book including 'Woodward Avenue: Cruising the Legendary Strip', documenting the history of cruising and street racing on Woodward Avenue. Born & raised in Detroit, he cruised Downriver drive-ins and Woodward with his first car -- a  black 1957 Chevy hardtop. He was awarded the Dean Batchelor award by the Motor Press Guild for his book, The Birth of Hod Rodding. You'll find a list of his books here.

He's also a talented photographer & all the pictures you see here are his own. To see more, check out

1. It's FREE. No cost to enter a car and no cost for spectators.

2. No trophies given. Trophies skew most car events to those cars that are rarely or never driven. The awards to those driving their cars on Woodward are the smiles and thumb's up they receive from the folks along the route–which is much better than a plastic trophy.

3. No time constraints. You can come early or late and leave when you want to.

4. Two cars shows: One rolling up and down Woodward and the other static in the lots on either side of the street.

5. Serious cruising starts weeks before the actual day of the Dream Cruise and runs most every night.

6. The city runs free buses (step on-step off) up and down Woodward so spectators can see more shows/more cars in less time.

7. Many great places to eat all along Woodward, including Duggan's Irish Pub where one can feast on the food that made Woodward's tasty drive-in fare unique.

8. Sam's Shell Station: the location that best mimics Ted's of old with a line of cars waiting to get in.

9. The Woodward Dream Cruise includes a wide variety of cars. In 15 minutes you might see a Donk, a hot rod, a muscle car, a Corvette, a stock Model T, a 1950s full custom or an unrestored station wagon from the 1960s–all cruising the same historic boulevard at the same time.

10. Nice people. It's a melting pot for car owners and car lovers. Not only do you meet people from all over the Detroit area, but also from across the country and across the world. It's Motown–it's Woodward.

Robert Genat will be signing books at Auto Zone Hobbies in Birmingham on Friday, August 16 from noon-2pm & 10am-noon and 2pm-4pm on Saturday, August 17. 

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