Winter Blast festival raises $50,000 for Flint water crisis

DETROIT - A popular winter festival in downtown Detroit has raised more than $50,000 to help children affected by lead in Flint's drinking water.

Meridian Winter Blast officials say Thursday that the donation to the Flint Child Health & Development Fund came from the event's Sing, Skate and Slide campaign.

Meridian Health Plan pledged $40,000. Bands that played during the Feb. 12-14 festival generated $3,500. Talmer Bank in partnership with the Winter Blast Foundation chipped in more than $4,000 from a $1 per rider pledge as part of the festival's snow slide.

People attending the event gave nearly $2,600.

Flint switched from Detroit's water system in 2014 to the Flint River to save money, but the water wasn't properly treated for corrosion. High lead levels have since been found in some children.

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