Builders, remodelers seeing fewer people buying stainless steel appliances

Classic white appliances back in style


CHICAGO – Stainless steel has been the most popular appliance finish for decades, but some experts say its reign is coming to an end. "Ten years from now I think we're going to look back at stainless steel and say 'wow,' that's really a 1990s or 2000s kitchen," says Greg Harth, a design-build contractor based in Spring House, Pennsylvania.

If stainless steel does become the next gold or green what appliance finish will take its place? Some are saying the answer may could be classic white.

Whirlpool's White Ice appliances, part of its brand new Ice Collection, were unveiled at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Chicago. Although white appliances are nothing new - the updated version has a glossy sheen that almost has the look of glass.

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