Ruth rescues woman with complaints against bank, Best Buy


DETROIT – If you've ever been frustrated with your bank or disappointed by a big box store, you'll be able to relate this Ruth to the Rescue doubleplay.

By the time consumers call the Rescue Unit, they're really frustrated that they can't get results on their own. That was certainly the case with Dr. Bryan Thomas. He said he spent hours on the phone with Bank of America.

"The third phone call was the one that really irritated me because I had gone through three managers," Dr. Smith said.

The White Lake dentist was trying to reclaim 145-thousand reward points that mysteriously vanished from his credit card account. He needed the points quickly because he wanted to use them to help his son Brian, who's in the U.S. Navy enjoy some leave time with friends.

The plans were made and his son needed the plane tickets quickly. "Once you get leave when you're in the navy, they don't say, oh, I'll take it another week later."

Dr. Thomas says at first Bank of America told him it would take two days, then another day, and finally, he says, someone told him it could take a month. Leading him to conclude, "At that point- I had no hope, because he gave me absolutely no hope."

Doctor calls for help

That's when he called Ruth to the Rescue. Our unit contacted Bank of America, and Dr. Thomas says within ten hours he received a call from the bank, saying his points would be returned, and they were!

The doctor said, "I was in the end able to use my reward points to buy him a ticket to Colorado."

Unhappy with Best Buy

Now, we go to the story of Bob and Joyce Deslierres and their troubles with Best Buy. The couple purchased a TV and surround sound system back in December. From the start, they say there were problems with the sound system.

For some reason the TV would suddenly shut off sometimes right in the middle of the news. Joyce told Ruth to the Rescue, "Like Dr. Frank McGeorge for instance- he's say "and this is the reason you should never take this particular and it would diem and you would lose it."

Joyce says there were several calls to the Geek Squad and they thought the problem could be resolved. This month when they realized they couldn't take it anymore, they say Best Buy told them it was too late to return the system for a full refund.

"Actually the phone conversation became rather heated on both sides," Joyce told us.

That's when Joyce contacted the Ruth to the Rescue squad and we contacted best buy on the couple's behalf. They tell us within 48 hours they had returned the sound system, had a full refund, and the situation was resolved.

"It's a miracle! Thank you Ruth to the Rescue," Joyce said happily.