Diet Pepsi sweetener to get switch

Pepsi looks to sweeten sales results with change to Diet Pepsi formula


DETROIT – PepsiCo is looking to find a new mix of artificial sweeteners for its Diet Pepsi soda.

USA Today reports the company is looking for a combination that lasts longer than its current sweetener, aspartame.

The soda giant is looking to regain ground it has lost to the nation's number one soft drink, Coca-Cola. Two years ago, the company's flagship, Pepsi, became the No. 3 soda, behind regular Coca-Cola and Diet Coke. Diet Pepsi ranks No. 7, according to Beverage Digest, with a sales volume that was about 1/2 that of Diet Coke.

The new version of Diet Pepsi is reportedly being tested now and could be unveiled next year. Our consumer unit contacted PepsiCo for comment, but did not hear back.