Retailers offering younger girls plus size offerings

'Plus size' business is booming for girls ages 3 to 12


DETROIT – When it comes to clothes little girls want to look cool and fit in with their friends.  For a growing population of overweight children selling larger clothes that are in style is becoming the new norm

for retailers.

"The plus size business for kids has been around for a long time but it kind of faded away but is coming back with a vengeance especially in the girls market."

Stores are realizing there's big money for offering bigger size clothing for kids -- especially girls ages 7 to 12.  Sears offers a line called "Pretty Plus"

Lana Cain Krauter Sears, Senior Vice President said, "Pretty Plus for girls has been popular over night and we already have expansion plans in place."

Other retailers like The Gap Old Navy and The Children's Place are cashing in on roomier clothing for girls ages 3 and up in their online stores

Some moms like the idea of shopping options -- but wonder if labeling little girls as plus is best choice. "You're attaching a label on it like plus size...will they still feel different from everyone else I'm not sure?"


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