App helps parents screen kids' social media

Eye Guardian app helps parents keep track of kids' social media content


With more children using the social media, all parents need to keep an eye on how their own children are using their computer and their phone.

A father in Texas is trying to make that job a little easier with a tool that monitors any child's social media.

"My immediate reaction was one of amazement, disgust," said Mitch Butler, co-founder of Image Vision.

His journey started one day when he saw his 13 year old daughter's cell phone ringing. He saw something he really did not like.

"It was a group text from a boy at school that had an inappropriate text and image," said Butler.

The image inspired him to create something called the Eye Guardian App. "It initially started as an anti-sexting effort," said Mitch.

From phones to Facebook, Eye Guardian lets parents connect to their child's social networking accounts. It filters images of nudity, inappropriate texts, even suspicious " friends" and then e-mails a report to mom and dad each day.

"We look at the images and messages and friends- here are images that might be suspect, here is text that may have curse words," said Butler.

Even if you trust your children to be on their best behavior, you need to be wary of people who can reach out to them, with less than honorable intentions.

"Really the goal is to provide parents a tool to help their kids be safer on Facebook", said Mitch Butler, co-founder of Image Vision.

Right now, the app is still in the beta testing and you can sign up for free. To learn more go to the Eye Guardian website: www.eyeguardian.com