Study shows people who work from home shop online more often than those at an office

Work a Little, shop a little


DETROIT – You might call this breaking news from the land of the obvious! A new survey from couponcabin.com has found people who work from home spend more time shopping online that employees who work in the office.

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The people who work at home report shopping online more often and for longer periods of time. It makes sense, since the boss can't suddenly walk over to your cubicle and find out you're browsing for new shoes, a new car, or plane tickets.

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Almost seven out of ten (69%) of employed adults who ever work at home said they shop while on the company dime. Just 54 percent of the office workers say they shop online while at work.

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Nearly 24% of people who work from home, say they spend an hour or more shopping online in an average week.

Maybe Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was onto something when she canceled her company's work at home program?