CardHub.com ranks Detroit Metro Airport among best for summer travel

Detroit Metro Airport
Detroit Metro Airport

DETROIT – As we head into the busy summer travel season, the website CardHub.com has revealed its list of the best and worst airports to travel through this year.

The report compared the cost and duration of flights from the 30 largest U.S. cities to the 10 most popular international and domestic destinations, as identified by the Travel Leaders Group.

It found Denver is the most convenient city for domestic travelers to fly out of -- in terms of average time and money spent.

For international travel, Washington, D.C. got high marks.

Here are highlights from the rankings, provided by CardHub.com

Best & Worst Departure Cities for Domestic Travel
        1.    Denver, CO
        2.    Dallas, TX
        3.    Chicago, IL
        4.    Detroit, MI
        5.    Las Vegas, NV

       30.  Riverside, CA
       29.  San Antonio, TX
       28.  Miami, FL
       27.  Tampa, FL
       26.  Sacramento, CA
Best & Worst Departure Cities for International Travel
        1.    Washington, DC
        2.    New York, NY
        3.    Chicago, IL
        4.    Miami, FL
        5.    Philadelphia, PA

       30.  Sacramento, CA
       29.  Riverside, CA
       28.  Seattle, WA
       27.  Portland, OR
       26.  San Diego, CA

Most Affordable & Convenient Destinations for U.S. Travelers
        1.    New York, NY
        2.    Chicago, IL
        3.    Washington, DC
        4.    Fort Lauderdale, FL
        5.    Orlando, FL
        1.    Cancun, Mexico
        2.    Playa del Carmen/Riviera Maya, Mexico
        3.    Montego Bay, Jamaica
        4.    Negril, Jamaica
        5.    Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
For detailed results and information about the methodology of this report, click here.

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