Perfect bathing suits for the perfect body: Yours!


DETROIT – No matter your size shape or age, ask most any woman about having to go bathing suit shopping and she'd rather walk over a bed of hot coals. But help is here and has been for 30 years.

One of the best kept made-in-Michigan secrets, Custom Swimsuits and Exelnt Designs, yup, that's how it's spelled, sits in a non-descript strip mall on the Northwest corner of 13 Mile and Mound in Warren.

Founder and designer, Trish Crowder started making bathing suits for herself to fit her busty figure. 

Her family loved them. Her friends ordered them. And a business was born. 

The business of making what can be a humiliating, heart breaking, drudge of a task -- searching for a bathing suit, something fun.

Her detailed support systems synch and snug in all the right places, bringing out the best in any figure.


Her Hot-Patrol will guide you through what works best and what looks best.

They are expert fitters who know what works on which body types. And if you've hated the task of buying a bathing suit, you now have an opportunity to fall in love again ... with yourself. 

She has thousands off the rack suits to choose from or get a custom job that starts at $129,  a pittance to look like a million. 

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