Most common PINs: Hacker threat?

Is your PIN too easy to hack?


DETROIT – If you are trying come up with a personal identification number (PIN) that will stump a hacker or thief, there are some common combinations you'll want to avoid.

A new study conducted by DataGenetics analyzed 3.4 million four-digit passwords and found 1-2-3-4 is the most commonly used pin and one of the easiest to hack.

The second most common pin number is 1-1-1-1, followed by 12-12.

The DataGenetic researchers also found that many people are using their birth year as pin numbers. The study cautions people from using their wedding anniversary or birthdays as pins, since those numbers can easily be found online or through birth records.

Below are the pin numbers the DataGenetics research showed could be quickly guessed. If you're using one of them, it might be time for a new password.

1. 1234
2. 1111
3. 0000
4. 1212
5. 7777
6. 1004
7. 2000
8. 4444
9. 2222

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