Moms, dads can cash in on change of season

Children's resale shops in metro Detroit say parents can make extra money selling clothes or toys their kids no longer use


Children's resale shops say their busiest times go with the change of seasons; especially spring to summer and back to school.

"This is one of the best ways to recycle clothes with the least amount of work for you," said Renee Perkins, owner of The Funky Frog Children's Resale Boutique in Rochester.

So anyone thinking of cleaning out drawers and closets and getting rid of clothes that don't fit, now might be the perfect time.

"I recommend that you go through your items, pull out what you think is decent and somebody else would find of value, get rid of the things that are stained or ripped or torn or dated looking and package them up by season," said Perkins.

Perkins also said to make sure you have complete outfits.  Once the clothes are organized, call a resale store and make an appointment to come in.   Perkins said she often has a waiting list of people who want to put their children's clothes, toys or books on consignment.

"It's a 10-minute visit while we go through your items," Perkins said.

Perkins said parents can make extra cash by putting their items on consignment.

"I have regulars that bring me very high-end items.  I sent home a $500 check this week with somebody for her items," Perkins said.

Marnie Duross of Bloomfield Township said she prefers resale stores to mom to mom sales because she thinks they're more particular.

"When you buy something from here, you know it's been checked over for spots and stains and the zippers
work and that type of stuff, so you don't have to worry about that, where shopping at mom to mom sales, which I've done in the past, you don't know what you're going to get," said Duross.

Duross also likes how it feels to get a good deal on something.

"It's the thrill of the hunt and when you find something good it's awesome," said Duross.

Kristyn O'Malley of Restyle Child in Birmingham said by choosing a consignment store, parents are giving themselves less work.   They can bring in gently used clothes, toys and books.

"We do all the work, mom to mom sales can be a lot of work, and an all day process, where here it's just a 10-minute thing. Bring your stuff in and we'll do the rest," said O'Malley.

"Each consignor gets 40 percent of what their item sells for, so you can get a nice check every month depending on how much stuff you bring in," said O'Malley.

Stores Local 4 spoke with said resale shops usually offer consignors the option of spending the money in the store or getting the cash.