Jean Fashion for Spring: What you need to know

Fashion experts give the dish on the new designs for Spring


With spring officially beginning tomorrow, many of us are ready to break out of our winter funk and start thinking warmer weather. That means pulling out the spring wardrobe. For most, that includes your favorite jeans.

If you're in the market for a new pair, fashion experts are giving us a sneak peek at the best jeans available right now.


M3 Collister jeans from 3x1 incorporate artisan details like swiss zippers and more than 260 fabrics. They start off at a price of $345.

The next pair by 7 For All Mankind brings an exclusive Italian fabric to the skinny-jean game and gives them a feel as soft as cashmere. These jeans will cost you about $198.

Straight out of Kansas City are the Reed jeans from Baldwin. They utilize American design and Japanese fabric to create natural-fitting jeans. They start at $234.

If these jeans are a bit outside of your price range, there's a few expert tricks to help make your favorite denim last for years to come.

Most jeans come pre-washed these days, but it's always a good idea to soak your newly-purchased jeans inside-out in warm water for an hour and letting them hang dry. This will prevent any unwanted shrinking.

When it comes to washing your jeans, try to avoid the washing machine as much as possible. Constant washing can break down fibers, which leads to fading and eventually tearing. Instead, use a light spray of white vinegar to neutralize any odors. You can also try putting your jeans in the freezer overnight. The cold will kill off any stench-causing bacteria.

If you absolutely must wash your jeans in the machine then place them inside-out in a gentle cycle with only a little detergent. It's recommended you don't use the dryer. Hang-drying your jeans will prevent shrinking and damage to the denim.