Costco Winners and Losers

Consumer Reports Reviews Costco Products

10. Costco
10. Costco

Many Metro-Detroit bargain hunters often head to Costco to save money on their household staples.

However, Consumer Reports says not all Costco products are worth the money you save. The consumer magazine has come up with a list of product winners and losers for Costco shoppers.

On the winning side, bacon. Consumer Reports says the Kirkland Signature Regular Sliced Bacon gets top marks. The strips are crispy, complemented by a wood smoke and hint of sweetness.

Consumer Reports also gives Kirkland Signature Super Premium Vanilla ice cream high praise. It's taste testers say the Costco brand beat out brands like Breyers and Baskin-Robbins.

On the losing side, Consumer Reports didn't like the super store's gel dishwasher detergent. It says it struggled with dishes, pots, pans and resistance to water spots. Also, the Kirkland Signature toilet paper isn't that strong and tears too easily.

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