Worst wedding gifts, tips for guests

What not to buy the bride and groom


One of your oldest friends is getting married. You want to get them the perfect gift, but you've known them forever, and you don't need a registry to tell you what to get them.

But what if they don't like it? Or worse yet, what if it gets re-gifted?

Have no fear. The personal finance website Kiplinger has told us what you should not be buying the happy couple.

Art or home decor tops the list at number one when it comes to the worst wedding gifts. Since everyone has different styles and tastes, you can be taking an expensive risk if you buy something the couple doesn't appreciate.

After that comes bulky kitchen items, monogrammed linens and anything involving fertility or babies.

Kiplinger also says anything handmade or humorous is also out of the question.

And never give the newlyweds books on relationships. You may have the best intentions, but you could send the wrong message about what you think of the couple's relationship.

The personal finance company suggests sticking to the couple's registry if you're stuck on what to buy.

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