What does the 'American Dream' cost

It takes $130,000/year to 'make it' in America

(U.S. Navy photo)

Generations of Americans have been raised on the premise if they work hard, they can attain the so-called "American Dream". Usually, that dream includes a home, at least one car, food on the dinner table, and a better future for their children. But, how much money do you need to make each year to make that
dream a reality?

USA Today experts crunched some numbers that accounted for the median cost of a home, groceries, transportation, and even medical care. According to their numbers, it takes an annual income of $130,000 to live what many people consider the "American Dream".

That's an intimidating number for many people because the median household income in America is only $51,000. The results underscore a fear in America that the traditional "American Dream" is drifting further and further out of reach.

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