Does Blue Cross Blue Shield owe you money?

Blue Cross Blue Shield Lawsuit Settlement


Insurance giant Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has settled a class-action suit and former patients could have some money coming their way. Some residents have written Ruth to the Rescue asking whether the settlement is for real. These days, consumers often worry that such offers could be some kind of scam.

In this case, the settlement is legitimate. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan was accused of inflating prices for medical care at some Michigan hospitals. While the company admits no wrongdoing, it made the decision it would be better for the company to settle the lawsuit. The settlement involves patients
who paid for medical care at general acute care hospitals from January 1, 2006 to June 23, 2014.

Former patients who may be affected by the suit are receiving notices in the mail.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan released this statement to Ruth to the Rescue, "Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and the Class Plaintiffs are pleased to announce that they have reached an amicable resolution of the Plaintiffs' lawsuit about most favored nation clauses in Blue Cross's contracts with Michigan hospitals. This settlement, the parties agree, is an amicable resolution reached before the court or the jury had decided the merits of either party's legal position."

If you think you might be affected you can get more information and view Frequently Asked Questions at their website.