Television recalled because of falling danger

VIZIO recalls TV because sets could fall


The television company VIZIO is recalling 245,000 televisions. The manufacturer is concerned about a tipping hazard if the TV stand assembly fails. There have been 51 reported incidents of televisions tipping over. No injuries have been reported.

The recall involves the VIZIO E-series 39 and 42 inch Full-Array LED flat panel televisions. The TV's are black with "VIZIO" printed in the lower right corner on the front of the television. The company's name is also printed in the center of the back of the television.

If you own a television that is listed below detach the stand immediately and place the television somewhere safe where it cannot tip over.

Consumers with a wall-mounted assembly should call for a replacement stand in case they need it for future use.

The televisions are available at Target, Best Buy, Walmart and other retail stores nationwide.

The televisions were manufactured by AmTRAN Technology Company Ltd. and the distributor is VIZIO Inc.

The model and serial numbers of the recalled televisions can be found at the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website.

You can contact VIZIO for a replacement stand at 855-472-7450 or visit Vizio's website.