Consumer Reports releases phone satisfaction survey

Do you love your phone company?


Many of you might be dissatisfied with your cell phone company, based on the findings in a new Consumer Reports survey. The magazine spoke with more than 63,000 subscribers about their carriers in its latest survey on cell phone carriers.

In this survey, it seems size does matter! The smaller phone carriers received some of the highest ratings. One company called Consumer Cellular ranked "High" for value, data service and customer support. Ting, a newer mobile service, also scored "High" for value and data service as well.

Bigger Isn't Better

The biggest carriers in the country didn't fare as well. While Verizon gets very good scores for voice and texting service, it has a very poor rating on value.

T-Mobile scored well for value, and Consumer Reports wondered if that might be because the carrier separated the purchase of your phone, from the cost of your plan.

Check out Consumer Reports' cell service ratings

A Verizon representative told Consumer Reports, "The choices Verizon offers on the nation's largest and most reliable 4G LTE network go well beyond price. We'll continue to work to demonstrate value by providing excellent customer experiences."

Sprint and AT&T rated very poorly among its users. A Sprint representative says it's made "dramatic changes in the two areas that matter most of customers - prices and network." Meanwhile, an AT&T representative said that the company had been investing greatly over the last six years to improve its offerings.