FCC takes public comment on new robocalling rules

Should phone companies block robocalls?


No one likes to receive one of those robocalls during the family dinner. Those recorded message interrupt your day with pitches for politicians, products, and services.

Technology exists to block these unwanted calls on smartphones and landlines that use an Internet (VoIP) service. That technology does not work on traditional analog landline phones. NBCNews.com reports that deployment is being delayed by the nations phone carriers.

A trade group that represents the phone companies says its members support third-party call-blocking, but they believe regulations from the Federal Communications Commission require them to deliver all calls and forbids them from blocking any calls.

Activists asked the FCC to issue an opinion on the issue. The FCC started a period of public comment, which closed on Friday, January 23rd.

If you'd like to tell the FCC how you feel about those robocalls, here's a link to register your opinion. Please note if you make a comment it will become part of the public record.


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