Exclusive car club: 200,000 miles

Cars most likely to reach 200,000 miles milestone


You may have heard the average price of a new car is now more than $30,000.

Many of you probably want to get as many miles from your vehicles as possible, and you may dream of joining that exclusive 200,000 mile club.

USA Today is reporting on the newest list of cars likely to reach that mark, according to Consumer Reports. In the June issue of the consumer magazine, researchers came up with ten cars that should have that longevity.

Apparently, two automakers are racing ahead of the rest when it comes to making the 200K club. Five of the models are Toyotas and five are Hondas.

No other cars or brands are featured on this year's list.

Here's the list of cars most likely to hit 200,000 miles:

•Toyota Prius

•Toyota Camry, with a four-cylinder engine

• Honda Odyssey

• Honda Pilot

•Toyota Corolla

• Honda Accord sedan, also with a four-cylinder engine

• Honda CR-V

•Toyota Sienna

•Toyota Highlander

• Honda Civic, but not the hybrid, Si or GX