Apple glitch: Phones lock up after upgrade

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Apple has reported the upgrade to iOS9 has been the most successful ever.

Many customers have downloaded with new software without incident. However, some are reporting a problem after they update their system. According to numerous reports, some users say their devices locked up right after they downloaded the software, and the see a prompt that says "Slide to Upgrade."

Apple issued a statement, with instructions about what do to if this happens to you. The bad news: there's really no way to tell if your device might be affected. You don't know until your stuck with the "Slide to Upgrade" screen.

NBC News reports Apple is working on a fix in another software update. If you haven't upgraded and you cannot live without our phone, you may want to wait until the newer upgrade is available.

According the to website Apple insider, the company posted these instructions to help customers, follow this link.

Ruth to the Rescue emailed Apple for any new information, but did not hear back.

If you have further problems, reach out to Apple customer service.

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