Help Me Hank: Don't forget about deadlines for health insurance coverage


DETROIT – It's the law of the land that Americans need to have some type of health insurance. Some key deadlines are fast-approaching.

First, Dec. 15 is the deadline if you want to make sure your coverage continues on Jan. 1.

Many Americans still have insurance coverage through their employers. You've probably signed up through your company's open enrollment. If you do not have coverage, you probably don't want to let your coverage lapse in the New Year.

The next key deadline is Jan. 31. That's when open enrollment ends on the government's HealthCare.gov website. Remember, if you cannot prove you had coverage in 2016, you will face a penalty when you file your tax returns in 2017.

After Jan. 31, you can only get coverage under special circumstances such as having or adopting a baby, getting married, or losing your current coverage.

To learn more, go to HealthCare.gov.