Recycling push underway in Flint

City is disposing donated bottles of water

Pallets of bottled water cases sit in a warehouse in Flint. (Getty Images)
Pallets of bottled water cases sit in a warehouse in Flint. (Getty Images)

FLINT, Mich. – Many Local 4 viewers have written Help Me Hank very concerned about the recycling of all those plastic water bottles pouring into Flint.

Hopefully, a private-public effort to encourage recycling will put those concerns to rest.

A coalition of parties, including the state, Genesee County, and City of Flint partners stepped up recycling efforts on Thursday. Lt. Governor Brian Calley, who will be spending more time in Flint during the crisis, was on hand to remind everyone they can easily recycle the plastic bottles.

"While bottled water has been key to making sure residents have safe drinking water, it's important to make sure we're not harming our environment as a result," Calley said. "The new recycling initiative brings together state, county and city partners to make sure we are keeping plastic bottles from entering landfills or littering Flint streets."

The city of Flint already has a recycling program.

"Too few residents take advantage of the curbside service that is available to them at no extra cost. That's the best long-term solution to the recycling issue," said Matt Flechter, recycling market development specialist for the state of Michigan. "As a result, we're working to get the word out about how you can get a recycling bin or use designated clear plastic bags for recyclables."

Republics Services, the city's designated trash and recycle collector, picks up recyclables on a bi-weekly basis. Residents must package recyclables in a way that can be accepted. They cannot be in solid color or grocery bags. We've provided links before for more information on what can be recycled.

Flint residents can Call Republic Services at 800-438-0966 to get a blue curbside recycling bin delivered to their door. Residents with overflow recyclables can also place them in clear plastic bags or a box marked "Recycling."

In addition, Young's Environmental Cleanup and Schupan Recycling are offering bottle drop-off locations. And TerraCycle will recycle PUR and Brita water filter replacement cartridges dropped off at all five water resource sites located in Flint Fire Stations.

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