Thrifty Thursday: Preparing for cold weather

It's that time of year again. As the temperatures get cooler, our friends at RepairClinic.com are sharing four simple things you should do to get your home ready for the season starting in the kitchen.

"There's coils underneath the refrigerator and in the back,” said Chris Zeisler with Repair Clinic. “It's called the condensing coils and they gather dust and lint and dirt and we need to clean those so that the fan motor can run cool and the fridge can run cool and be more efficient."

You'll want to make sure you clean not just the coils under your fridge but clean all your kitchen appliances.

Clean out your oven, or use the self-cleaning oven feature and clean and degrease your stove top as well. And while you're cleaning, don't forget the dryer. Make sure you're cleaning out the vent that goes from the dryer in the home to the outside.

"We could use a brush to clean it out,” said Zeisler.

And before it gets too cold you'll want to get your furnace ready. You can start by replacing your air filter.

"It'll make better air flow if it gets clogged up with a lot of dirt you'll restrict the air flow,” said Zeisler. “It can cause stress on the system. Can cause problems and not heat as efficiently."

And sticking with the furnace theme you'll want to clean the inside of your furnace by making sure all the parts are connected and free of dust and dirt.

"You can get into the systems inside and use a vacuum cleaner to just kind of get the dust and the lint and the dirt off of all these components to make sure nothing gets clogged up. You can also do a visual on it to make sure that hoses are okay and wiring is okay and everything looks in good shape."

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