Thrifty Thursday: 4 ways to prepare lawn mower for winter storage

Tips to save money, keep mower in top shape

DETROIT – You won't need your lawn mower for the next few months, but don't put it away for the season just yet. This week for Thrifty Thursday, we have four easy things you should do to prepare your lawn mower for winter storage to save yourself money and keep it in tip-top shape.

The sounds of the lawnmower will soon fade as winter approaches. But to keep your machine running smoothly come spring, there are four things you should do right now. Whether you have a riding mower or push mower, you'll want to clean the deck and undercarriage.

"Here's our cutting deck right here," said Chris Zeisler with RepairClinic.com. "Make sure there's no grass sitting on this deck all winter long."

Our friends at RepairClinic.com explain that leaving debris and other grass clippings here can promote rust throughout the winter. Just like your car, your lawnmower needs an oil change as well. Now is a good time to do that. The experts recommend you do it after every 25 hours of use. While you're replacing things it's a good idea to replace your spark plug and clean or repair your air filter also. And finally, add fuel stabilizer before you stow your mower away for the winter.

"You add to the fuel tank and it makes sure to keep the moisture out of the fuel and it will help the fuel stay stable for the long sit over the winter," explained Zeisler.

This can go right in the mower's gas tank itself or your gas container. This is also a good time to sharpen or replace the blade on your lawnmower. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended blade. For more tips, click here.

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