iPhone 'video bug' causes device to freeze, reset

(Heather Kelly/CNNMoney)

An alert for iPhone users: beware of this new video bug.

A five-second video floating around the internet is causing iPhones to freeze and reset upon playing.

The video appears to be normal, but once it finishes, it starts a loop, and begins to slow down your phone.

USA Today confirms the bug is real, and reported that Apple hasn't addressed the issue.

The Verge tested the big on multiple iPhones - all of the phones locked up shortly after playing the video.

A video explaining the glitch has more than 400,000 views on YouTube. 

If you're affected by the bug, you can fully reset your phone by holding down the power and home button, or the power and volume button.

If someone sends you a link to a video you don't recognize - maybe don't click it. 

In the past, Apple has issued quick patches for bugs like this one.


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