One Detroit school uses yoga to help kids. Here's tips on using mindful movement with your children

Help Me Hank visits Thurgood Marshall School to see young yogis in action


Interested in trying yoga with your young ones? Here are some tips to help kids acquire some of the benefits of a mindful movement practice: 

Keep it simple. Most kids aren't interested in lectures, they just want to move and have fun. Skip long philosophical talks and jump right in. 

Have a plan, but keep it loose. Think about the poses you want to show them and let younger kids take the lead. Many teachers recommend partner yoga or AcroYoga poses to keep kids engaged. As kids age, help them mature into a practice. Let them know you take this serious, and that there are real benefits to following through on the poses. 

Older kids. As kids get older, bring them to class and let them take in the experience. Let them struggle through poses like we all do, and hold them accountable to proper behavior. That means no talking, follow the teacher's lead, and be mindful of those around you. 

Consistency. Dont' make it a one-time experience. Mindfulness practices require, well, practice. Schedule a time every week or month for yoga. Roll out the mats, practice and when you're done, put your mats aways in a special place. Teach kids to rely on their practice, and they'll grow to use and appreciate.

Want to learn more about yoga? Here are some resources:

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We go back to our adopted school, Thurgood Marshall School, to see how they're using yoga to help kids, many with chaotic home lives. School can be an escape -- and a place to learn calming techniques that help in the classroom, and beyond. 

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