Clawson tenants get relief after Help Me Hank confronts management over toxic black mold

CLAWSON, Mich. – Two Clawson residents are staying in hotel, and out of their mold-infestested rental home in Clawson, after Help Me Hank confronted a property management company that refused to help. 

Black mold was found in the home's attic and under the sink. The tenants -- a father and son -- hired a company to test mold in the house discovered by a cable installer. The tests came back positive for high levels of Chaetomium, a toxic mold to human health. 

The tenant reported the mold and sent the tests to the property management company, but didn't see results until Local 4's Hank Winchester confronted the company. After owning up to the mold, the company moved the tenants to a nearby hotel and promised to remove the toxic spores. 

It all comes late for the tenants, who said they've been ill for the past year with congestion, dizziness and burning eyes. Whether that's related to the Chaetomium is unclear, but now it looks like their rental is getting cleaned up. 

Watch the full report with Hank above. 

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