Stink bugs invade Metro Detroit homes

It's a little bug making a big stink in Metro Detroit.

The brown marmorated stink bug is looking for a place to spend the winter, and homes in Metro Detroit are a likely choice.

Mark Vanderwerp, manager of education and training for Rose Pest Solutions told Local 4 they're getting calls left and right about stink bugs.

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"Most people care about these creatures once they breech the structure and get inside.  Outside is where they live, where they breed, where they feed," Vanderwerp said.  "They just need a little crevice to tuck under to stay nice and cozy for the winter time."

The stink bugs look for gaps around a home to get inside.  Vanderwerp said to check around hose spigots and utility entries for any gaps, as well as seals around windows and doors, settling cracks in bricked areas and vinyl siding.

"Vinyl siding creates all these little penetration points for insects," Vanderwerp said. "You can try to exclude these by putting a mesh over that or sealing them. There's some commercial products available that are actually the same shape as an end cap that you can plug right in there and seal it up or you can do a do it yourself and stuff a brio pad in there."

Sealing up the places around a home where there are gaps will help keep stink bugs out.

Vanderwerp said stink bugs often stay inside wall voids and people never know they are there.

They are attracted to light and can become active on warm days, which is why people might seem them in the middle of winter on a warmer, sunnier day.

The brown marmorated stink bug don't cause damage, harm pets or carry diseases.  They do not eat or reproduce when inside.

"For most people it's a comfort issue.  Maybe if they see one bug or two bugs they are OK with that. If they start exceeding that threshold and are out of their comfort zone they're going to say 'OK I've got to do something about this and that threshold is going to be different for every person,'" Vanderwerp said.

Vanderwerp said spraying outside before the stink bugs can get in is the best solution and now is the time to do it.

"If you do a treatment on the outside structure in the fall time or when you first start seeing the bugs show up you can knock a lot of them down before they even get in," Vanderwerp said.

Once a stink bug is inside a home, Vanderwerp suggests a do-it-yourself option to catch them.   Set up pan with water and a little dish soap and place a light over it.  Stink bugs are attracted to the light.  Another option instead of the pan of water is sticky paper.   The stink bugs can also be vacuumed up or swept out of the home.

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