Equifax data breach: 71 million still don't know about hack

Young Millennials remain clueless about breach, study says

The Equifax hack is one of the most devastating of all time because it impacts roughly half of American adults -- 145 million people. 

However, a new study reveals millions of consumers still don't know about the breach or, perhaps worse yet, they have not done anything to check whether it may affect them. 

A report released Tuesday by CreditCards.com, 61 million consumers checked their credit report soon after learning of the Equifax breach. That blew up the phone lines at not only the Equifax headquarters in Atlanta but also at the three major credit bureaus. However, the report claims a staggering 71 million people affected remain unaware of the breach. 

In particular, the study found young Millennials -- ages 18 to 26 -- are the most clueless about the incident. Half of them are unaware the breach even happened. 

If that's not bad enough, scammers already are out trying to exploit the situation. They're calling people on the phone looking to have them give up their personal information such as their Social Security number. 

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