Yuengling teases selling its beer in Michigan

Yuengling beer being bottled in Pennsylvania.
Yuengling beer being bottled in Pennsylvania.

Soon you might not have to leave the state of Michigan to purchase Yuengling beer. 

UPDATE: Sorry Michigan, Yuengling chose to sell beer in Arkansas

That's if Michigan is chosen among three other states -- Kentucky, Arkansas and Texas -- by the Pennsylvania-based brewery for sales expansion. Yuengling asked everyone on Instagram Thursday morning to guess in which state the beer will be sold next. 

Yuengling -- officially D. G. Yuengling & Son -- calls itself "America's Oldest Brewery." It was founded in 1829 and proudly survived America's alcohol prohibition while other local breweries fell.

If you like beer, you know about Yuengling, and you know beer-loving Michiganders often will return from the East Coast with a case or two. 

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