Metro Detroit roofers return to finish job at Pontiac church after Help Me Hank confrontation

Dearborn roofing company disappears after poor roof replacement

PONTIAC, Mich. – After Local 4's Hank Winchester confronted a roofing company that left a Pontiac church a mess and disappeared for a year, the company returned to finish the job.

Almost immediately after Amoco Roofing Co. finished work at New Mount Moriah, the roof needed repairs. The congregation feared water would damage expensive sound equipment and they prayed every time it rained.

"He'd finished the work and it started raining -- leaks everywhere," Bishop William H. Murphy Jr. said.

Church leaders said they repeatedly contacted the Dearborn roofing company with no success. After Help Me Hank got involved and told the company Local 4 was investigating, workers from Amoco came out to look at the problem.

Local 4 cameras were there when the workers arrived, and they were not happy about it

WATCH: Help Me Hank confronts Dearborn roofing company

After the confrontation, the roofers returned and spent several days addressing the problems.

Church leaders hope the work was done properly and rain will stop getting inside the building. It hasn't rained since the crews finished.

Hank also discovered that the roofing company had let its license with the state lapse. Since Hank's original report, the company also took care of the issue.

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