How will government shutdown affect security lines, flights at Detroit Metro Airport?

10 percent of TSA workforce called in sick Sunday

DETROIT – It's a concern for anyone who's traveling in the United States right now: How will the government shutdown affect security lines and flights at the airport?

Detroit Metro Airport hasn't yet been affected by any sickouts or shutdown-related delays, but there have been problems at other airports around the country, including in Houston, Chicago, Atlanta and Baltimore.

Help Me Hank's Shutdown Survival Guide: Resources for federal workers

On Sunday, 10 percent of the TSA workforce called in sick.

A Brighton couple told Help Me Hank they arrived at DTW three hours before their flight from Detroit to Fort Myers because they were concerned about delays related to the shutdown. It wasn't going to stop them from flying, though.

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You can watch Hank Winchester's full story about how the government shutdown can affect airports in the video posted above.

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