This toy Dyson vacuum for kids also cleans floors


Turn your child into a vacuuming master with this Dyson toy.

Parents have been raving about a toy vacuum released by Dyson last year that is not only fun for kids to play with -- it actually cleans your house, too.

It's a miniature vacuum that looks like a toy, but it's capable of picking up dirt. No, it probably won't get those big messes.

Your kid will think he or she is playing when really, they're doing chores. It's a miracle.

"This toy Dyson Ball Vacuum is a direct replica of the instantly recognizable life size version - so role play really is just like the real thing! With working suction, it actually picks up small bits of paper and there's a removable debris drawer at the back. The cyclone action with colored balls whizzing around the clear cylinder, the realistic sound and the 'twist & turn' movement make this brilliant toy just the job for Little Helpers to help clean up!"

The product is going for between $31 and $49.99 on Amazon and has a four out of five star rating.

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