Help Me Hank: Scammers target online dating sites as Valentine's Day approaches

What you need to know to protect yourself

DETROIT – Valentine's Day is Thursday and this week many dating sites will see a big spike in activity.

With an increase in activity that could lead to an increase in scammers. Some people have good intentions while others are just looking for cash, not a connection.

If you're looking for love online, you're not alone. Millions of Americans are using websites and apps to find a partner. Scammers are on many of the same sites they're using and some people are learning the hard way.

The only dating boom is bringing people from all age groups to the web looking for love. Popular sites like match.com, Eharmony and app-based applications like Bumble, Hinge and Tindr are all seeing a huge boom in users.

Diane found a man on Match.com, but what she didn't know was his dark secret. The man she fell in love with claimed to be a divorced German CEO working on a project in the U.S.

After months of talking he started to ask for small amounts of money and the price kept going up. Diane had been catfished, the money was being sent to Africa. The profile pictures were stolen.

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