Attorney General Dana Nessel warns residents of online pet scams

The Michigan Attorney General's Office announced they will increase efforts to minimize scams involving the purchasing of pets online.

The Attorney Generals Office has heard the complaints from many heartbroken consumers and now, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is taking action. On Thursday, Nessel spoke out about those who either end up with a sick animal or have the pet taken by thieves.

The internet makes it easy for scammers to post photos of adorable looking cats and dogs. They entice families to make quick payments to secure the animal. Some cases, the seller doesn't deliver, leaving the consumer without the pet and out hundreds of dollars. 

In all cases, money is exchanged for an animal that doesn't match the description of what they've been told, which is a healthy pet.

Anyone who has been the victim of one of these pet scams is asked to contact Michigan's Consumer Protection Division online here.

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