Uber to expand no talking rides, adds helicopter service and new vehicle tier


Uber is taking on the sky and making your ride quiet, according to CNN

The company recently annoucned that it is expanding it's conversation-free car trips and launching a helicopter service in the New York City for a trip to the airport. 

The expansion of the comfort line has grown to include Uber Pool, UberX, Uber Black and UberXL. Many of these options will include vehicles that are mid-size cars that offer extra leg room and lets passengers request their ideal temperature. 

Uber users can request car trips where they will not have to talk to the drivers, allowing the riders down time. 

Uber Copter is an eight mintue trip that will be offered in Manhattan south of Houston Street to JFK International Airport on weekdays during afternoon rush hour. One way tickets will cost $200 and will only be availible to customers who have the highest level of status in their Uber reward program.

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