Here's what Medicare Part A covers, what it doesn't

Support Our Seniors Summer continues with a quick lesson about Medicare Part A.

What Medicare Part A is and what it covers:

  • It is hospital insurance, meaning it covers most inpatient hospital care
  • It also covers some sipatient skilled nursing and home health care and hospice
  • No quarterly premium required if you have 40 quarters of Social Security -- 10 years of full-time work
  • 30-39 Quarters: Monthly Premium
  • There is an annual deductible: 2019-$1,364
  • Benefits are paid after the deductible is paid
  • The deductible is good only for EACH benefits period
  • Benefits period begins upon entry to a hospital, and ends after break of 60 consecutive days since inpatient hospital or skilled nursing care provided.
  • Hospital stays 60 days or longer means a daily deductible is required


  • Private hospital rooms (unless medically necessary)
  • Private duty nursing
  • Telephones or television
  • Blood

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