Toy company to make plastic army women

A Pennsylvania toymaker is bringing equity to an old-fashioned toy, thank, in part to an observant 6-year-old girl.

Little green army men are a best-seller for BMC Toys out of Scranton, and they just so happen to be the toy of choice for Vivian Lord from Little Rock, Ark. One day, Vivian noticed none of the little green figurines were women, so she wrote a letter.

The guy on the other end was Jeff Imel, at the helm of BMC Toys. As it turns out, Imel already was working on what he calls the "Plastic Army Women Project."

"You have to start with an idea. We did some rough sketches. People liked it. We moved into some more detailed drawings, and I hired a sculptor," Imel said.

The plastic army women should be ready for combat by 2020, the toymaker said.