Help Me Hank update: Efforts made to clean up Evergreen Cemetery in Detroit

DETROIT – A big mess inside a Detroit cemetery was exposed by Help Me Hank's hidden cameras in August.

Because of Local 4's investigation, state investigators made an unannounced visit to Evergreen Cemetery to see what was going on.

Families contacted Help Me Hank because they were upset about how the cemetery was maintained. Caskets, cremains, dirt and debris blanketed the area near the final resting spots of many.

Local 4 returned to one of the oldest cemeteries in Detroit with hidden cameras capturing everything -- the cremated remains of at least 20 people, some dating back to 2005, were sitting out on a table. They were left near the final resting spots of many open burial vaults. There were also bugs, holes and damage everywhere.

State investigators have been looking into the situation and Evergreen Cemetery is working to improve conditions. 

The remains and caskets have been removed from public spaces, and the dirt and broken slabs of granite have been taken care of. 

While information regarding the state investigators have not been released, officials with Evergreen Cemetery knew it was time to make changes. Help Me Hank is happy to report this sacred place now looks the way it should.

Contact the Help Me Hank helpline at 313-298-WDIV.