Barry Sanders tells why he 'really left football' in Pepsi Max advertisement

Legendary running back appears in new ad campaign for Pepsi

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DETROIT - Legendary running back Barry Sanders pokes a little fun at himself in the new advertisement for Pepsi Max. In the commercial Sanders is seen getting a shave in a barber shop.

The barber boasts about having a "football legend" in his chair. "Barry Sanders! This man ran for 99 career touchdowns. 99."

A second barber chimes in, "And then you just disappeared from the game. Why?"

Sanders replies, "Well guys the real reason I retired is....." and then he disappears.

Sanders abruptly retired from his career with the Detroit Lions in July 1999. He had a record 15,269 rushing yards, 2,921 receiving yards, and 109 touchdowns.

WATCH: Pepsi MAX presents 'Disappearing Sanders'

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