Beautiful skin from pond scum?

New beauty products made from algae

By Tony Statz - Producer
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LOS ANGELES, Calif. - The search for a skin care "fountain of youth" has taken many different directions since time began. Now, a California company has taken that search to algae-filled ponds! Solazyme is already known for turning algae into fuel, and now it's moving into the beauty business with a well-known skin care company.

"Algae are survivors. So they are some of the oldest organisms on the planet," said Anna Coragliotti, chief scientist at Solazyme.

Her company, Solazyme, has been working in the lab to find a greener, more sustainable way to fight aging.

"Our product development team has identified out of all those strains specific ones that are actually producing compounds that are very good for the skin," said Coragliotti.

Moving Into Beauty Business

Now, the company is getting into the cosmetic business with skin care giant Sephora.

"Sephora has a worldwide distribution and just an incredible client base for the kind of products that we are bringing to the market," said Tania Toubba, VP of Marketing at Algenist.

It's a big move into the consumer market, giving skin care and cosmetics industry a high-tech, greener twist.

"Cellular rejuvenation benefits to the skin, hydration benefits to the skin. You're gonna get anti-aging products that actually really work," said Toubba.

What's next for Solazyme? What about food? That's right scientists are in the lab looking for ways to turn algae into meals.


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