Best apps for holiday savings

Experts can make you an app-savvy shopper

By Ruth Spencer - Anchor

DETROIT - The most powerful weapon in the battle to save money this holiday season just might be in the palm of your hand. It used to take a lot of work
to find the best prices. You would search the circulars, clip coupons, and travel from store to store. Now, it's all about the apps!

"Mobile apps are really a great asset for any bargain hunter because they reduce the amount of coupon clipping and paper than you have to bring
with you," said Julia Scott, the consumer expert behind

In addition, many stores are targeting "app-savvy" shoppers. "Lots of retailers are targeting those mobile shoppers with deals through these apps,"
added consumer expert Andrea Woroch.

Best Apps For Holiday Season

Our two consumer experts helped Ruth to the Rescue come up with a list of the best apps to help with your holiday shopping. Andrea Woroch
chose CouponSherpa as one of her top picks. (We have provided links later in this story, when possible. For other, you might have to shop
your app store)
"It provides coupons for major retailers as well as smaller stores and even restaurants based on your location," she told Ruth to the Rescue.

"I really like the RedLaser app. It's a basic price scanner," said Julia Scott as she started listing some of her top picks.

Both experts like price comparison apps like RedLaser and ShopSavvy. They scan bar codes, compare prices, and tell you if you can find the item for
less someplace else. However, if you're shopping in a store that offers price-matching, you may not have to go to another store.

"You can use this bar code scanning app to ask the sales associate if they will be willing to match that lower price," advised Andrea Woroch. She
said she had used the app to get lower prices at some of the biggest names in retail.

Another app that received a thumbs up from Scott has been featured in previous Ruth to the Rescue stories. Scott likes the ebates app. This app
gives you cash back for qualified purchases you make.

"I was just buying some moisturizer yesterday at Body Shop, and I got 10% cash back through ebates. Plus, I got the Body Shop coupon, so it's one
way to stack your discounts," said Julia Scott of

In addition to those four apps, our experts also mentioned the options below:

*Hukkster- which lets you know when prices are dropping.

*PriceCheck by Amazon- which compares prices at brick and mortar stores to what you would pay on the Amazon website.

* which tracks all the ads and sales offered on Black Friday

*OneReceipt-- which helps you track all your receipts by turning paper documents into digital files.

*HolidayGiftList-- which can help you track your gifts for family, friends, and co-workers. It also tracks your spending.

Which Apps Are Right For You

If you're looking to start using apps this holiday season, both women say you should start slowly.

"Once you start downloading too many apps, that's when you might get confused as to which one does what, how it works, and that might turn
you off from using them," said Andrea Woroch.

Some of the questions you should ask when considering apps to help with your shopping: Are you primarily an online or "brick and mortar" shopper?
What apps are your friends using? What stores do you shop most often? What are your goals? Do you want to be more organized, or do you want
to focus on the dollars you can save?

Whatever apps you choose, good luck, and start saving!



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