Breakfast battle: Which egg sandwiches are best?

Consumer Reports ranks your fast-food choices

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DETROIT - Breakfast has become big business for fast-food chains from McDonald's to Dunkin' Donuts. Consumer Reports magazine recently looked at 106 egg sandwiches from those stores- plus Burger King, Starbucks, and Wendy's.

Nutrition value

It found just six rated Very Good for Nutrition, when looking at things like calories, fats, sodium, sugar, and fiber.  Those six sandwiches all of those came from Subway. No breakfast sandwiches from Burger King, McDonald's, or Wendy's rated better than fair.


Once the sandwiches were ranked for nutrition, four taste testers tried one or two of the more nutritious choices from those chains, except

Wendy's because its breakfast sandwiches won't be offered nationally until later this year. The judges visited at least three locations per chain

in the New York area.


Subway was also the winner when it came to taste. It's Egg White and Cheese on Mornin' Flatbread was rated Very Good. Consumer Reports found Its components blended well, its flatbread was tender, its egg whites were flavorful.

Breakfast drawbacks

The rest had one or more drawbacks. Cheese in both Starbucks sandwiches was sauce-like; egg in McDonald's Egg McMuffin was slightly rubbery. Others had mediocre muffins or flavorless eggs. Sandwich quality often varied from one location to another within a chain. The BK's eggs were fluffy in two restaurants and wet in a third.


Finding the perfect egg sandwich

Consumer reports says the bottom line is its hard to find a great breakfast sandwich. However- the taste testers did have some advice to offer you: Ask for any of these sandwiches well toasted; toasting blended the flavors and made the bread taste better. If you're looking for good nutrition, skip cheese or meat, substitute egg whites for whole eggs, or avoid a footlong. And eat right away, because quality fell as the sandwiches cooled off.


Here's a link to Consumer Reports to get more details on the results:

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