Choosing Gifts For Husband, Wife, Significant Other

What's the Key to Buying for Husband, Wife, Significant Other

By Ruth Spencer - Anchor

DETROIT - Many of you may struggle to find the perfect gift or your husband, wife, or significant other. It's no secret finding a meaningful gift will take time and effort.

Elizabeth Sabourin of the lifestyle website,, is a member of the Local 4 Holiday Shopping Frenzy Team.

She's been assigned to help shoppers find those special gifts for those special loved one.

"I want to make this easy. I don't want to be trudging around in the trenches all day," she told Ruth to the Rescue.

Her biggest piece of advice when it comes to buying for that special someone, listen to them ALL year long for clues about what kind of gifts they might really like to receive.

"I listen all year and I have a list, a running list of things my husband might like. So, if he says 'I wish I could have that' or 'Oh, gosh, I saw', or 'Look at that commercial', and I know he really liked that. I just mental note- write it down!" she advised.

Shortcuts: Playing Detective

If you have not been listening, Sabourin offers some shortcuts which will take a little detective work around the house.

"I like to steal my husband's iPad and look at what his favorites are on Amazon," she said. "I encourage husbands to do the same sort of thing.

You know your wife gets magazines, she gets catalogues, she has a Pinterest board and she's pinning things she loves. Those are great cues."

Other tips that might help include:

1) Ask friends or family members to do some digging and see if they can find out what she really wants.

2) Think about activities he enjoys and arrange tickets to a show or a sporting event.

3) Review previous gifts that she really liked and see if you can get something similar, but with a new twist.

4) Get creative with some of his favorite sports memorabilia.

"Frame something up for him. A picture of you guys together. Get a frame deal... you know the whole season of whatever sporting team he's really into.. add some things, add a program, put your ticket stubs in there, and those are great personal things he can hang up in his man cave," said Elizabeth Sabourin.

For women, Sabourin says you can't go wrong with jewelry. She has a list of suggestions you can review, and other gift ideas on her website. Follow this link:

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