Don't pay to have your taxes done

IRS offers free tax filing service to those who make less than $57,000 each year

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DETROIT - Luis Garcia with the IRS office in Detroit said 70 percent of all Michiganders shouldn't have to pay anyone to do their taxes. They can get them done for free.

If you make $57,000 or less, Uncle Sam has made it easy for you. By teaming up with top named software companies including the very popular Turbo Tax, it's possible to get the same online service you'd normally pay $40 or more for.

In fact, some tax preparers are using the same software and charging patrons a boat load of cash. Even if you make more than $57,000 you can use the free IRS online software to prepare your taxes, but you may not get the best result because of the questionnaire used to zero in on deductions and possible tax credits.

If you have a fairly simple process of fall into the category of 3 quarters of the Michiganders doing tax returns this year, Uncle Sam says, don't pay. Save your money. Use the free service at IRS.Gov.

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