Experts offer up stocking stuff ideas

DETROIT - Retailers know stocking stuffers are important to many people. You'll often see entire sections dedicated to those items inside some big name stores, like Target. Ruth to the Rescue spoke with people in Royal Oak who have fond memories of the stocking stuffers they've received.


"My parents always gave me one. I give one to my kids. So, it's a good tradition," said Lt. Jeff Kelso of the U.S. Navy.


While a Royal Oak woman told us her mother turned stocking stuffers into an art form. "And, she did a great job at it, and one of her masterpieces was stocking stuffers," said Harah Frost.


For those who struggle with finding the perfect stocking stuffers, we checked with Melissa Buckles, the Bargain Shopper Mom.  She says you can easily fill up your stockings, even at the last minute.


"You can easily go to just one store and pick out everything you need to fill a stocking, all with items underneath five dollars," said the bargain shopping expert.


At a Target in Troy, Melissa found a wide variety of gifts for the whole family. She found colorful hats to warm up the men in your life for just $3.99. she says the stocking stuffer gifts are the perfect opportunity to offer gifts that can be practical, or items people don't like buying for themselves.


For women, she found gloves that cost about $3, and come with a cool twist. "I love these gloves because they're touch screen compatible,"said Melissa Buckles. She pointed out the gloves come with little tabs on the fingers that allow you to press the buttons on your touch screen phone.


For little girls, Melissa says little items like Hello Kitty merchandise is fun and inexpensive. She saw some chapstick that costs just a few dollars, and comes on a key chain that can attack to your child's backpack.


For little boys, she spotted a toy that combines some things boys tend to like. "Hex bugs are really popular these days. They are battery powered robotic bugs."


Our Bargain Shopper Mom sent a list of her other top picks for stocking stuffers for the whole family. See that list at the bottom of this article.


Bigger Stocking Stuffers      


Ruth to the Rescue also checked with Lifestyle expert Amy Sewell. She's appeared on all the major TV networks, and offered us some ideas for stocking stuffers that might cost more than $5, but most wouldn't break the bank.


She liked some Disney DVD combo packs that include a Blue Ray, a dvd, and digital copies of movies. She liked the new Transformer game released just in time for the holidays.  On a practical note, she said Tide To Go stain erase and Purell hand sanitizer might be perfect gifts for people who are always on the go.


Sewell also pointed out gifts with sentimental value can be both inexpensive and priceless, remembering a gift from her father.


"It was a little book he filled out in a card shop called, 'Dad, Share Your Life with Me', and he went through and filled-out all the questions about his life. He spent nine dollars to buy that book, but that's a book I will cherish forever."


Other Ideas From Bargain Shopper Mom





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Nail Polish

Fun Post it Notes

Slipper Socks




Hair Accessories

Bubble Bath



Hex Bug

Small Lego kits

Small flashlight



Hats & Gloves

Spin Toothbrush



Card games



Video Games

Lottery Tickets


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