Flying nightmares: Crying baby or stinky passenger?

Poll asks passengers perks/problems of airline travel

By Tony Statz - Producer
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DETROIT - As we head into the busy summer travel season, many frequent fliers will be worried about what awaits them in the next seat? A crying baby perhaps? A fellow passenger who might be a little too large for his seat? The wrong onboard neighbor can make that 4 hour flight feel like 24 hours!

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A new Harris Poll asked fliers who take at least one trip a year how they feel about the perks and problems that come with air travel.

"Travelers have been dealing with increasing airline prices and add-on fees for the past few years," Mike de Vere, President of The Harris Poll told USA Today, "We wanted to find out which amenities people were willing to open up their wallets for, and discovered that while many consider added comfort and entertainment to be worth shelling out for, nearly two in five would give up personal boundaries to avoid carry-on baggage fees."

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The poll found many people (58%) are willing to pay extra for extra legroom on flights of three hours or more. However, the number falls to 33% for flights of two hours or less.

Crying Baby vs. Smelly Passenger

When it comes to annoying onboard neighbors, Harris asked which would be worse, a crying baby or a passenger that smelled? Sixty-three percent say a stinky adult would be a more off-putting seatmate than one holding a crying baby! There's always hope the baby might stop crying, while if someone doesn't smell great, they'll probably smell that way for the whole trip!

More than a third of passengers (39%) say they'd rather let a stranger fall asleep on their shoulder, than have to pay the airline for carry-on bags.

SURVEY: Would you rather sit next to a stinky passenger or crying baby?

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