Fuel pump mix-up puts engines at risk

Station pumps diesel instead of gas

By Tony Statz - Producer

Some Metro-Detroit drivers received an unpleasant and expensive surprise after filling their gas tanks. The company that runs the Speedway station at Sheldon and 5 Mile in Plymouth confirms there was a fuel mixup on June 12th. Some diesel fuel was mistakenly put into a gas tank, giving some drivers a mix of gas and diesel.


"That definitely would be damaging to me to know that my car got bad fuel in it," said Darlene Scicluna of Plymouth as she was fueling up at another local station. Drivers told Ruth to the Rescue they can understand the frustration any drivers affected by the mixup would feel.


"I mean then you have to take it to the shop, you're paying hundreds, thousand of dollars... it's a mess!" said Frank Savastano of Westland.


Expensive Engine Damage


A local service consultant says pumping diesel into the wrong car is a very big mess.


"Any gasoline engines cannot run on diesel. It will cause severe damage," said Scott Estes of Don Massey Cadillac in Plymouth.


While he didn't see any victims of the mixup in his shop, he says repairs can easily run into the $4000 or $5000 range.


"You're probably going to be looking at fuel injectors, fuel pump, all the fuel lines will have to be blown out, tank drained."


Speedway Helping Drivers


A spokeswoman says Speedway is working with drivers to fix any cars that have been affected on a case-by-case basis.


Another driver from Livonia says that's the right thing to do.


"Mistakes happen and as long as they're owning up to it and taking care of it, I wouldn't have an issue with it," said Dan Kudra as he pumped gas into his car.


If you, or someone you know, believes your car may have been affected you can contact Speedway at 1-800-643-1948.


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